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We’re excited to announce that Spark Challenges is now Neocaching. Neocaching is all about experiencing the world through exploration.

If you have the Spark Challenges app on your phone, update it now to see the new Neocaching experience. For now the change is mostly cosmetic, the app has received a new icon and name. But in the coming weeks we’ll add more functionality to make exploring new (and old) places more rewarding and fun.

What’s coming soon?

Below are a few ideas we’re working on but we want to hear from you. What would make your adventures easier, and more fun? If you have ideas or opinions:

  1. Join the Neocaching community to chime in and share your thoughts
  2. Or comment below

Our ideas

  • See caches sorted by “distance from me”
  • See caches on a map so you can plan your day
  • Tagging caches with attributes like “kid friendly”, “pet friendly”, “handicap accessible”, etc.
  • Simplifying the participation process (e.g., no need to join every challenge individually)

Thanks for adventuring with us,
Ryan Jenkins

P.S. If you were still using the Spark Challenges app for running challenges (e.g., Sesame Street, Yellowstone, Seven Summits, Tetris), those have been moved to the VRC Reporting app which has been better optimized for running challenges.

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